torstai 17. huhtikuuta 2014

Two blogs

I have another blog, which is much more alive than this one.  It is in Finnish.

Finnish is my first language.  I do like writing in English, but the idea I originally had about translating everything I write to the other blog and posting it here hasn't really been working.  I simply haven't been willing to do it - after I do a piece in Finnish, I feel very done with it.  It is also quite time-sucking to write   Also it's about the rhythm and usage of the language altogether: these two languages just don't work the same way.  In Finnish I also write about things that are very related to the Finnish culture and society, so I find it really hard to find inspiration to tell the same things in English.

I need to figure out how will this English one work.  Since hardly anyone has even seen it so far, it will hurt no one if it's going to be quiet for a while.