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I'm a Finnish Helsinkian in my thirties.  I live in a fairly well-sized two-room-apartment with a live-in-boyfriend.  I move around by (my beloved) bicycle and public transportation.

I have done the "ecological thing" for quite some time, several years, actually.  At first I started off probably, because I had lots of friends buying into the sort of philosophy.  I also always have had a personal interest in saving the world ;)

Ecological and less-consuming way of thinking has taken over my brain little by little and has become a norm.

I am very worried about all the garbage I'm leaving behind, as well as that of others living in the western countries.  An average Finn produces from 400 up to 500 kilos of waste every year.

A while ago I found this book.  It is about American philosophy and policies concerning garbage; study of garbage, flow and handling of garbage, and several radical individuals who work for the aim of cutting down the production of the great amounts of waste.

This is the book: 

Garbology - Our Dirty Love Affair with Trash was written by an Edward Humes.  I have to admit I am not familiar with his other books, but just reading this one had me convinced of him knowing, what he's talking about.  Sincerely and with so many living examples he makes it clear and inevitable: we can't keep doing, what we are doing.  We need to change the way we live.  

The world is inevitably about to sink into trash, and the greatest reason for that is this the western idea of living, where consuming is the center of existence.

In this blog I'm trying to describe my ways of achieving a less waste-producing way of living.  And that is not all - besides not bringing so much trash to this world I would like to own less things.  I have always been very bad at cleaning up.  The less I own, the easier it gets.  I also believe that having less stuff keeps might also help me to keep a clearer mind.  

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