keskiviikko 28. toukokuuta 2014

Less sh*t, less cleaning

There is but one reason to become a minimalist.  To get rid of extra stuff.  Cleaning.

I have a wonderful balcony and quite a lot of free time.  One of these days I got my spring cleaning of the balcony started.  I picked up bunch of dead leaves and wiped all the horizontal surfaces.  Sounds like a sweet thing to do, doesn't it?  To care for your beloved balcony and making it all the more possible to spend those lovely summer days there.

Oh no.  I was whining in my mind the whole time, my mantra being "I HATE cleaning, I SO HATE cleaning...  I just want to get this over with."

I once visited a guy with a studio apartment.  He had hired a cleaning lady who came once a week.  That is quite rare here in Finland but I really envied him.  Since that moment (and it was about 9 years ago) I have dreamed of having one.  Still haven't afforded one.  Still hate cleaning.

But back to the balcony cleaning: I did grasp a beauty about it, if even for a moment. I realized that I have a bad habit of thinking that cleaning is something just to get over with.  Right there I miss a chance of meditation, since in reality cleaning is such a great way to meditate and enjoy a practical work. It's not even dull or repetitive, like an industry work might be.  You have different surfaces and parts of the job, and when you get them done part by part, you can really see, how first the surface is cleared of extra things and then wiped clean - and it is you who gets it all done.  With the right attitude it can be a wonderful way of being in the moment the moment and being thankful even when doing things you don't exactly love.

So I should train my mind and really take the gift of cleaning.  Like so.  Cleaning at the best can be a very good exercise.

And then, about stuff, or sh*t as we say in french...  if there was less, there would be so much less to clean, and it would be that much more enjoyable too.  Not having to move everything around when you wipe the surfaces.

There's so much to clear for so many reasons.

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